Explosion-Proof Extinguishing and Scouting Robot

Features of products
  • Heat resistant, flame retardant rubber, track internal adopts metal frame. Even if the external rubber melts under high temperature, the its walking stability are not affected.

  • With double water hose and the anti-knot design;

  • It can drag two 60m long water hoses that are filled with water.

  • With the design of high-temperature resistance, which comes with automatic double water curtain cooling system

  • Remote control of water cannon for rotation and pitching, large flow, high range, multiple injection modes;

  • Water cannons with automatic spraying function

  • With the switch between water mist and foam;

  • With high-definition wireless image transmission system, which realizes the remote real-time video surveillance in line-of-sight and non-line-of-sight ( line-of-sight 3km, non-lineof-sight 500m );

  • Long distance communication and strong anti-interference ability;

  • Strong obstacle-crossing ability, which can climb and cross obstacle trough large angle;

  • Independent suspension shock mitigation system;

  • Strong maneuverability, fast movement speed, and adjustable speed.

Technical Parameters

Basic Parameters

  • Dimension: Length1665mm X Width 820mm X High 750mm 

  • Weight: 480kg

  • Traction mechanism: All-terrain high-intensity track, track internal adopts a metal frame

  • Load capacity: It can drag 1000 kg load (friction 0.1, cement road)

  • Speed: 1.3m/s

  • Obstacle crossing height: 220mm

  • Climbing ability: 84%(40°)Slopes or stairs

  • Turning radius: Spot turn

  • Control mode: Wireless remote control

  • Battery Working hours: 12h

  • Communication distance: line of sight 3km,non-lineof-sight 500m

  • Wading depth: 350mm

  • Water-resistance:1-hour water-resistant at atmospheric pressure immersed in water, all-weather



Control Box parameters

  • Dimension: Length 460mm × Width 330mm×Height 180mm Weight: 17kg

  • Display: 12-inch high brightness LCD screen



Firefighting cannon parameters

  • Type of fire extinguishing agent: Water, Mist or Foam, easy to replace

  • Material: Cannon body-304 stainless steel, cannon head-aluminium alloy hard anodizing

  • Working pressure: Recommend 12-15bar

  • Spraying mode: water column and atomization, continuously adjustable

  • Maximum fow: 80L/s,adjustable

  • Range: 85m (1.2MPa)

  • Rotation angle: Horizontal-30°~+30°, Vertical 0°~85°

  • Rotational speed: Horizontal24°/ s, Vertical10°/ s









Double water curtain cooling system

Explosion-Proof extinguishing and scouting robot can shoot water the length of a football field (85m at 1.2Mpa) It can be remotely controlled up to 3 Kms in line of site, 500m when there is an obstruction. The robot is fitted with heat eye detection, though infrared thermal imaging to monitor and track of heat source. The strong crossing and climbing ability ensures the machine can counter different terrains. The robot has certain load capacity, which can pull and load the rescue car into the disaster scene, and rescue stranded persons in time. It can load two persons at level road and one person at a ramp.

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