Underwater Robot

Underwater robot has high energy batteries and can navigate any depth in the water. The robot has the built-in electronic compass, it can be controlled to navigate in a constant direction, depth and speed. It can move flexibly and can collect the images in the surface and underwater and transfer them back to the operation control unit in real time.

Features of products
  • The robots are explosion-proof (alternative). The materials of the body are shock resistance, anti-corrosion, so as to fit for fresh water, seawater, radioactive water and water under mines with explosive gas;

  • Small in size, compact in structure and moving smoothly and convenient to transport;

  • The robot is good for underwater adaptability, flexible to move, simple for operation, with various motor patterns;

  • It can take two–way (surface and underwater) clear images;

  • It adopts advanced underwater communication and control technology to ensure the motion stability and interference immunity of the underwater robot;

  • It has the characteristics of non-contact torque technology, static rather than dynamic sealing and water-tight, making it fit for working under the water;

  • With self-bring high energy batteries for power supply, the robots don’t need to carry heavy power cables, therefore it is convenient to use;

  • It adopts advanced embedded design, low power consumption, low heat dissipating capacity, and high reliability of control system;

  • The robot is made with high-performance buoyancy material: Low density, strong compressive resistance, and extremely low water permeability to ensure its original density, and to prevent the robot from sinking to the bottom.

Technical Parameters
  • Maximum Diving Depth: 100m

  • Maximum Speed: 0.5m/s

  • Maximum Speed: 0.5m/s

  • Camera: One fixed camera at the top of the robot, another pitch adjustable camera in the front

  • Lighting way: White light

  • Optical Cable index: Length 500m, tensile strength 600N, crush resistance 3000N/10cm, bending radius 40mm

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