Give the job to a robot—traveling around your yard to keep your grass in check with their spinning blades.


It can easily handle wet and rainy conditions, as well as difficult terrain, including slopes, holes and even obstacles like trees and pots.


And because they run automatically on a schedule you set, it performs most effectively when used a few times a week, trimming a small amount each time. That way, the clippings are fine enough to sift back to the ground (instead of sitting on top of the grass to yellow in the sun.)


The robot mower is so quiet that it can work in the night without disturbing anyone. You can also use a remote controller to tell where you want it to go.



1.Mowing Schedule Appointment


2.Cutting Height Adjustment


3.Anti-theft with start pin code


4. Intelligent Working Area Settlement


5.Emergency Stop


6.Automatic Recharge


7.Collision Sensor


8.Rain Sensor


9.Lift Sensor


10.Intelligent Lawn Height Detection

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