Explosion-Proof Extinguishing and Scouting Robot

To assist firefighters in battling complex fires,  specially used for Factory Fire, Warehouse Fire and Explosive environment, such as petrochemical, fuel/gas fire where is too dangerous for firefighters to go. 

Fire Fighting Robot RXR-M40D 

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Explosion-Proof Firefighting Scouting Robot

Explosion-proof firefighting scouting robot consists of the robot body and control box. It is mainly used for reconnaissance, especially for the explosive environment, such as petrochemical, fuel gas and so on.

Auto Lawn Mower

Give the job to a robot—traveling around your yard to keep your grass in check with their spinning blades. It can easily handle wet and rainy conditions, as well as difficult terrain, including slopes, holes and even obstacles like trees and pots. 

Underground Coal Mine Rescue Robot

Disaster area detecting robot consists of detecting robot and mining flameproof and intrinsically safe computer. It is mainly applied to detect the dangerous areas that people cannot reach and bring in time feedback data to help people make their decisions.

Pipeline Robot Device

It can automatically move in a small-diameter pipeline and can transmit the detected image to a control system in real time. Though the detected images, the workers can rapidly and intuitively find various defects inside the pipeline, such as jam, collapse, illegal insert, dislocation, and cracks. Meanwhile, the pipe-inspecting robot is equipped with the multi-parameter gas detector, can detect various gas concentration content and pipeline environment temperature.

Small Home Accessories




Underwater Robot 

The underwater robot has high energy batteries and can navigate any depth in the water. The robot has the built-in electronic compass, it can be controlled to navigate in a constant direction, depth, and speed. It can move flexibly and can collect the images on the surface and underwater and transfer them back to the operation control unit in real time.

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